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Providing residents with both a safe, affordable home and a supportive dynamic environment where they can stay active and creatively engaged in the community.


Innovative Social Housing for Ageing in Place

The negative impact of isolation on age-related illness and disease is well understood. PAL Vancouver offers an innovative solution for members of the professional arts and allied industries who often can lose touch with the vibrant, dynamic collective that underpins so much of the creative efforts that we all enjoy.

How to Apply For Housing

Send us an email to inquire about housing at

or pick up the phone like the good old days and call us at 



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The PAL Vancouver & Joe Average puzzle project. Partial proceeds from every puzzle sold go directly to PAL Vancouver.

We are proud to announce our building in New Westminster:

Located at 831 Carnarvon St., the new development is under construction and scheduled to open in 2023 as a partnership between the Province, the City of New Westminster, PAL Vancouver, and Vintop Development Corporation.

Please contact if you’re interested in getting on our waitlist.

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