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Why is PAL Vancouver needed?

A typical artist has an employment income of $17,300, a figure that is 56% lower than the median of all workers ($39,000). 


A Statistical Profile of Artists in Canada (Hills Strategies, 2016).

PAL Vancouver Seniors

What do we do?

PAL Vancouver offers an innovative solution for members of the professional arts and allied industries who often can lose touch with the vibrant, dynamic collective that underpins so much of the creative efforts that we all enjoy. Consistent with research on healthy ageing, PAL Vancouver offers so much more than social housing—providing residents with both a safe, affordable home and a supportive dynamic environment where they can stay active and creatively engage in the community.


PAL Vancouver moved into our Cardero St building in 2006.

PAL Vancouver was co-founded by Vancouver actor Joy Coghill and theatre director Jane Heyman in 2001, incorporated as a non-profit society in 2002, and became a registered charity in 2004. Later that year, PAL received final approval for the development and lease of an affordable housing project at the foot of Georgia Street beside Vancouver’s famed Stanley Park.

In May 29, 2006, PAL Vancouver welcomed its first overjoyed residents into a brand-new eight-story social housing and theatre complex. Since then we have continued to build our community of performing arts enthusiasts, host events in our Studio Theatre, and expand the rooftop garden patio that is both a refuge and delight for our residents.

Demand for PAL-style residences continues to grow across the country. PAL Vancouver is currently examining a number of different options to expand the range of support we are able to provide to the artistic community.

Founders 2 2016 LR.jpg

The negative impact of isolation on age-related illness and disease is well understood. We decided to do something to about it. 

How do we do it?

PAL does not receive any government funding to operate—relying instead on rental revenues and the generous support of our donors and friends. As always, a huge and heartfelt round of applause to our donors—we simply could not do it without you!

And of course, we always like to make new friends. Thank you for being a PAL!

​Our focus on creativity and the arts makes us unique among social housing providers in BC. The sense of community, support, safety and security we provide is one of the reasons PAL was awarded a prestigious CMHC Best Practices in Affordable Housing Award in 2008.

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