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Living at PAL

To live at PAL, you must have worked or currently be working in the professional arts industry in British Columbia or Canada.

There are three distinct options for living at PAL:

Renting a near-market suite

A small percentage of suites at PAL rent for approximately 10% below comparable suites in the vicinity. They become available periodically; rental revenue from these suites helps us provide rental assistance to low-income residents.

Near-Market Suite Application Form


Renting a “rent-geared-to-income” suite

The majority of our suites are reserved for retired and/or disabled members of the professional performing arts community who have a minimal income. Our rental assistance for these suites ensures that residents pay no more than 33% percent of their annual income.

Rent-Geared-to-Income Application Form


Leasing a PAL Partner Suite

PAL Vancouver (Coal Harbour) has 12 two-bedroom life lease units. 

Please note: our waitlist is full for 2023.

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