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PAL's residents devoted their lives to inspiring audiences. Your gift reminds them how much their work continues to matter. 

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Help us raise $50,000

The first $25,000 will be matched thanks to the Malcolm Jenkins Family Foundation, starting on June 20, 2023

All donations will be accepted including cheques, cash & online donations. Donations will be matched starting from June 20 at 8am PST until June 22 at 11:59pm PST. 



OVER 250
SINCE 2006


OVER 2,000 SINCE 2002

"Throughout the pandemic, non-profits have been crucial in providing vital community services. But as demand for these services have gone up, income sources such as donations and earned revenue from events and fundraisers have gone down, especially for smaller organizations."

- Vancouver Foundation 

Questions or want to get involved? Email Marina at


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PAL Vancouver was aiming to fundraise $1,500 online through Give65 from July 12-14, 2022. Matching donations, community support and a first place bonus prize from Give65 resulted in over $20,000 for PAL Vancouver!

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GIVE65 JULY 2022

How to Support: 

  • All online donations will be matched through our website on November 29th  up to $7,000

  • All other donations received between November 1st-November 29th will be included in the campaign

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