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Lorna Schwenk - Living Legend at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival 2023

PAL Vancouver is so happy to see that one of our residents, Lorna, was celebrated as a living legend at the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival.

Lorna, a Resident at PAL Vancouver since 2006, came out of her Burlesque retirement in her 70s to begin performing again. Lorna lights up when talking about what made her return to the stage: "the burlesque community is a dynamic, vibrant community, and I feel very blessed to be part of it."

Reflecting on her experience at the 2023 Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Lorna commented:

"I have been so richly celebrated at this year's Burlesque Festival. Really my family, my friends and the whole burlesque community deserve my warmest gratitude but for now, I would like to give a shout-out to Androsdia Wilde who spearheaded the whole event, bringing together some fabulously gifted performers. Also, to Dae Lee Grind, Isabella Evangelina, and the others who assisted with much of my pre-show and behind scene needs. And a special thanks for the three dozen red roses!!!"

"As I continually say to those who marvel at the "novelty" of older people re-entering the stage: 'This is good news for all of us' and 'We must do what we love for as long as we can' ".

Let us all celebrate the incredible diversity of the many trailblazers in Vancouver’s burlesque community. Art is truly transformational for our society and PAL Vancouver is so proud to be a support system for our city's artists.

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