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Comfort Cottages Written by PAL Residents Judy Walchuck & Jane Clayton Opening in Red Deer Oct. 21

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

For more information or to book your tickets to see Comfort Cottages click here:

Jane and Judy, PAL Vancouver Residents, are the Female Canadian Playwrights of "Comfort Cottages" which is opening on October 21st at the Central Alberta Theatre in Red Deer, Alberta.

"Everything was put on a nervous hold for a couple of years until this year when we heard from Central Alberta Theatre confirming their interest in opening their 22/23 season with Comfort Cottages. We couldn’t be more thrilled as we wrote this play with community theatre in mind."

"This was our first attempt at writing a play and it quickly took on a life of its own. Living at PAL gave us access to so many professionals: actors, directors, dramaturges - a seriously supportive network!"

PAL Vancouver is so proud of our residents for taking on such creative projects and collaborating within the industry to produce new work. This is truly what PAL is all about.

October 21-November 5

Central Alberta Theatre

Red Deer Alberta




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