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Joe Average’s ONE WORLD ONE HOPE puzzle is helping fund housing for performing arts community

Vancouver, B.C., December 14, 2021 – Renowned Vancouver artist Joe Average is partnering with the groundbreaking nonprofit housing provider PAL Vancouver for a unique holiday gift offering. The ONE WORLD ONE HOPE 1,000-piece puzzle showcasing Joe Average’s original artwork is now available for orders online. Partial proceeds for each puzzle sold will go to support affordable housing for members of Metro Vancouver’s arts and entertainment sector.

The gift box branded by Average as “It’s more than a puzzle, it’s art,” features a full-size image of ONE WORLD ONE HOPE which was originally commissioned and designed for the 11th International Conference on AIDS. The kit includes materials to seal Average’s artwork to hang on a wall.

“What I wanted to express in this image with the stained-glass feeling is that we are all fragile in the face of AIDS but working together with love (the heart in the center) is what we need to do,” says Average.

“It fills my heart to think this artwork can serve another great cause by supporting the actors, singers, dancers, painters, sculptors and musicians at PAL Vancouver and allowing them to live there affordably.”

“I have always loved the idea of taking better care of our elders: especially those in the performing arts community who have dedicated their lives to giving us all so much joy.”

PAL Vancouver, which operates a 111-unit housing complex in Coal Harbour, has been funded by BC Housing to build a second 66-unit apartment tower in downtown New Westminster that opens in spring 2023. Its mission is to provide housing to members of a community that have low annual incomes in a region that has become increasingly unaffordable.

“We are truly excited by this generous offer by Joe Average to use partial proceeds of the ONE WORLD ONE HOPE puzzle to help fund our organization,” says PAL Vancouver president Mike Klassen. “It makes us proud to see the puzzle container emblazoned with our logo and knowing that each sale of the puzzle going forward will support our mission to create affordable housing for B.C.’s artists and entertainers.”

Those interested in purchasing the puzzle can order at A link to the order page is also PAL Vancouver’s website at

Backgrounder on Joe Average and PAL Vancouver

Joe Average is a Vancouver-based artist. In the 1970’s he started exploring drawing and photography. In 1984, he was diagnosed with HIV, prompting him to put his aspirations into action by making a living from his artwork.

Joe has lent his name and art to many social and humanitarian causes in Canada and has received countless awards and citations for his philanthropic work. In 2019 Joe was commissioned by the Royal Canadian Mint to design a coin to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada.

In 2021, Joe Average received the Order of B.C., which recognizes those persons who have served with the greatest distinction and excelled in any field of endeavor, benefiting the people of British Columbia and beyond.

What is PAL Vancouver? Our mission is to provide long-standing members of Metro Vancouver’s performing arts professions with affordable housing in a vibrant and creative community setting. With no government assistance, PAL is funded 100% by rental income and donations.

Why is PAL Vancouver needed? The average annual income of someone who has spent their career working in the performing arts is $20,000--less than half of other Canadians 65+.

Construction of PAL’s second residence is underway in New Westminster. At 831 Carnarvon Street, our new residence is expected to open in 2023 and will include sixty-six affordable rental homes; a rooftop garden; an amenity space for performance, rehearsal, and the visual arts; and a communal rooftop kitchen. This important milestone will significantly increase the number of PAL homes from 111 to 177.


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